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Red Onions CD-EP
5 song CD-EP for fans of Harold Ray Live in Concert and Seventies funk/porno soundtracks from this LA group of Latino shakers and rockers. Some of the songs are straight garage-funk, usually with a great guitar solo towards the end. Some tunes are just straight garage ("Horses With Blinders"), and "A New Direction" utilizes the herk-and-jerk sound the Reds perfected. The lyrics are socially aware/conscious for the most part, but not in a ridiculous This Moment in Black History way. The drawbacks: (1) it's a fucking CD-EP (why would this not be on vinyl?) and (2) the Johnny Reis production make it all sound like crystal clear crap. I'll give the guy credit for Testors and Crime reissues, but he fucked this up. Get the Onions 7" on Revenge Records and you'll hear what they should sound like. (RK) (Flapping Jet & Fat Possum split release

Red Onions, The - S/T (Flapping Jet/Fat Possum)

So what do you get for your money on this one? A pretty good deal actually. 5 crazy and raw rock and roll songs from these spazz’s who work the catchy punk, handclap, ‘everybody come up to the front’ angle real well. The opening ‘Gimme Some More ‘ starts with a simple drumbeat that builds into some great fuzzed out guitar solos, it ends in some Spanish, which I found nice. The vocals have a kind of Hives delivery with maybe a little more of a snarl but the production by John Reis (Rocket From the Crypt/Hot Snakes) is very un-Hives like -just simple bash and strum but it only adds to the charm of these punky punk rockers. The Red Onions, one more reason why Cali is OK in my book.
- Tim Scott

The Red Onions The New York Times
September 5th, 2004
On their five-song, 13-mintue debut EP, “The Red Onions” (Flapping Jet/Fat Possum), this band of Mexican-Americans from Gardena, Calif., plays terse, hard-riffing songs full of girl trouble, political frustrations and buzzing guitar. Not content with one retro style, The Red Onions flip through garage-rock, the stooges, punk, and funk, all with the perfect combination of snarl and kick
-Jon Pareles